Commercial Glass Replacement Austin

Expert Commercial Glass Replacement in Austin, Lakeway

Your commercial space’s outer shell looks, says a lot about you, and gives prospective clients and customers a visual idea of how much you care about your company. In short, the exterior of your commercial building, including its doors, must always be ready to make an excellent first impression. Still, the doors also need to offer the right kind of functionality.

Images on glass doors make them look more expensive. However, a clientele will be impressed by the appearance of cleanliness, order and efficiency projected to them by a well-maintained commercial building with vinyl or aluminum alloy exterior doors. When they see your business’s front door, they judge your organization immediately. They are taking in the whole picture, including the cleanliness of your business’s exterior. They are assuming whether or not they will be able to engage in a positive experience with your company when they come inside.

The type of glass you choose for commercial doors in Austin is necessary to consider because it can reflect how organized and professional you are as a company. It can also reflect the quality of your organization as a whole. The exterior doors you choose to use should be practical, but they should also impact your customers and clients.

Knowing about these five types of glass can help:

1) Tempered Glass

This type of glass is the most commonly used for commercial doors. It’s extremely strong and durable, able to stand up to frequent use, but it can splinter or shatter when broken by force or impact.

2) Laminated Glass

When two panes of glass are joined together with a clear plastic interlayer in between, this type of glass becomes unbreakable even if the outer pane is shattered.

3) Tinted Glass

It provides privacy and can also help protect furniture or equipment inside an office, but it’s not as resistant to damage as other types of glass.

4) Insulated GlassĀ 

This type of glass helps insulate against heat and cold by providing a double pane of glass with a sealed air space between the two panes. It is ideal for businesses located in extreme environments, but it’s more expensive than other kinds of glass.

5) Decorative GlassĀ 

This type of glass can create textured or decorative effects with stained or painted glass designs on the exterior door. It’s a popular choice for businesses that wish to incorporate a sense of elegance into their building’s exterior.

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