Glass Storefront

I was walking down the street the other day, and I noticed that there are a lot of stores in my neighborhood with glass doors. It got me thinking about how often people clean their storefront windows, especially considering the streaks you see when you walk.  So today, I decided to research what kind of glass is best for storefronts and why it’s essential to keep your business looking good on the outside and inside!  Take a look at this infographic from JELD-WEN Windows & Doors to learn more about storefront glass options!

What is a Glass Storefront?

A piece of what appears to be ordinary glass can transform into beautiful, strong storefront glass. Several types of storefront glass are widely used today to give building owners added value and further protection for their property.

Clear Glass Storefront

The most common type of storefront glass is clear glass, allowing easy viewing of a building. This type of transformable glass works well in various commercial and residential settings, from storefronts to doors and windows.

Frosted Glass Storefront

Frosted storefront glass has the same properties as clear glass, but it provides an additional layer of protection against both the sun and visibility. This type of glass is highly effective for storefront windows because it reduces glare, but it does not obscure the view into the building.

Frosted glass can be used on doors as well, adding an extra layer of security while allowing guests to see inside your home or building.

Laminated Glass Storefront

Laminated storefront glass is a more modern type of glass that is stronger and safer than clear or frosted glass. This type of glass provides extra strength because it has multiple layers, including an outer layer made of protective polycarbonate.

Benefits of Glass Storefronts

A glass storefront is the best choice for many businesses. Here are some reasons why you should install this type of window system at your store!

Offers Customers a Good First Impression

Consumers often walk along the streets, looking at stores for anything interesting. Hence, if you have covered your store, you may miss out on prospective clients.

Increases Energy Efficiency

Since you want your employees and clients to be comfortable in the store, you need to use an HVAC system. However, this can increase your energy consumption.

Promotes Your Brand

You can use your storefront to increase your brand awareness. You can do this by including your theme colors, slogan, logo, and design on the glass.

Cost for installing commercial Glass Storefront

Glass storefronts are great for creating a sleek, modern look. They come standard with tempered safety glass that meets all the latest building codes associated with human safety. Installing or replacing a commercial glass storefront is not something any business owner should attempt without professional installation help.

If you consider commercial glass storefront installation for your business in New York City, it’s essential to find a contractor with installation experience. Many variables will determine your costs, including the type of glass selected, the size of your storefront, and any unusual requirements you might have.